Sunday, July 27, 2014

Your Story

You know how it feels when people ask you about your story and you feel like you have nothing spectacular to share? I'm right there with you. When you are in a group at church and everyone is sharing their testimony and your coming up next. You are thinking to yourself, "What should I say?", "I have nothing mind blowing to share like some of these other people did". I've been there and I got through it. It wasn't easy, telling my story. My story isn't perfect and to some people it might not be much, but to the right person it can mean a lot.

Everyone's story is different. Some may be more colorful than others. That's because we are all different and we all make different choices, therefore we all have different stories to share. It doesn't matter if you think yours is off the charts or if its just a humble little story of how you got saved when you were a kid, because you were raised in church your whole life.

On the other hand some people think their story is to broken. Let me tell you, a lot  of the most beautiful stories come out of the rubble and ashes. Your story may be like this. You think your story is so messed up that no one wants to hear it, but in reality it needs to be told. Their are people who want to hear your story and who need to hear your story. It doesn't matter how crazy or messed up it may seem, to the right person it could be what they have been waiting to hear. What they have been wanting to hear.

So with all that being said, I want to tell you my story...

            I was raised in church my whole life, ever since I can remember. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a young age. My teenage years were when things got a little bumpy. I secretly faced depression and had suicidal thoughts. I felt alone, broken, and ashamed. I didn't feel loved or wanted. I guess you can say I let the devil have a field day with my emotions, because for a while he did get the best of me.Then I realized that writing was my outlet, so I began to just write. I wrote poems, I wrote about things going on in my life, and how I felt. Then one day I wrote the poem "Broken with Remedy". I think that day is when I finally broke through my depression and let God take control of my life again. I realized that I was Broken and Jesus was my remedy!
           A few years down the road, I met the most amazing man I would ever know, who is now my husband! We are Youth Pastors (just like God called me to be, I felt the call when I was 18-19) and he is the Family Pastor of our church. I never would of thought I'd be a Pastors wife!
           I do still face depression sometimes, but I have my savior, my remedy to stand by my side! He gets me through it.

Jesus can get you through whatever it may be you are going through right now. Even if it looks impossible, Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and Luke 1:37 " For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Remember that your story is beautiful and it is worth being told.


  1. I love reading others stories! I too feel like my story isn't all that impressive because I grew up in the church and accepted Jesus at a young age. What I have learned though, is that each story is a part of God's story which makes it impressive in itself. Stopping by from the Peony Project!

  2. Amen, friend! All of our stories are so different but so beautiful in their own way. And, they all end the same way--meeting Jesus! Love that you are working with the youth--what an awesome experience that must be!