Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sweeter Than Honey

I, just like many of you, go through my phases. This phase in particular being reading my bible and praying on a everyday basis. I want to do it but I just seem to busy or I'm doing something else I really want to do (like reading a book, looking at things online, etc.). When I finally hit a point where I do finally pick up my bible and read it, I usually get blown away. I feel as if the Lord is telling me "See you need this everyday! Not just a few times a month!". I feel guilty. I feel like a bad example. I mean I know people can't look at me and tell if I read my bible or not, but being in Youth Ministry and telling the kids to read their bible and then I don't read my own. I feel pretty low.

So I picked up my bible today and felt like reading a Psalm. I read Psalm 119:89-104. It spoke to me about many things. The one big thing that stuck out the most was verse 103 "How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!". There were a lot of other verses in my reading that stuck out too, but this one got to me.

God's word is sweet! Sweeter than honey! Sweeter than anything you can imagine! Which made me realize how much I need it. God's word is our spiritual food, if we don't eat of it everyday we begin to fail in our walk with him. We do need his word everyday, even if its a few verses. We do need to study the scriptures, to gain wisdom. So when this wicked world comes against us we will be ready. So when the devil tries to tempt us we know we can and will prevail.

I hope this helps you realize how much we need God's word. Maybe you will even pick your bible up and start reading it after this. I pray for you and for myself that we will have a fire inside of us set ablaze. That we will all grow closer to God.



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